Key Features of BreakDown Mobile App – For Emergency Roadside Assistance in India


(a) Reaching out to help is easy.

(b) Enrolling is easy for vendors using this app, using check-in feature (Just by pressing check-in button at the location of vendor, it is easy to add vendor by locating the GPS location of the vendor). Just that the executives enrolling/confirming the vendor should validate and make sure the small/medium vendor is good.

(c) Additionally, this app will have details about police, ambulance, hospital etc.,

(d) This app could classify the vendor in the map – like Tyre vendor, Battery supplier, Car Towing, Spare parts supplier etc.,

(e) SOS functionality to send SMS to all mechanics near by.

(f) Bulk upload of vendor data from MS excel spreadsheet itself.

(g) Locate the moving mechanic also (in addition to mechanic shop) like the way you see the taxi today with OLA, if they have smart phone). The moving mechanic or the vendor location can be easily seen in the map in the app and it is easy to locate.


Honk in USA – on demand mobile app for roadside assistance – tow, tyre change, jump start, fuel and lock out services

honk - mobile app
honk – mobile app

HONK is the on-demand mobile app for tow, tire change, jump start, fuel and lock out services from more than 20,000 tow trucks nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HONK’s faster ETAs and “Guaranteed Never to Exceed” prices, which start at just $49 without membership fees or limitations, offer motorists an alternative to outdated membership-based motor clubs. The HONK app is free to use and available on iOS, Android, or the web. HONK was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

honk for help dot com is the website you might want to check out more.

please note – honk app is not related to breakdown app, but this information is shared for audience’s interest and for the knowledge about other providers like us, in other geographical locations like USA.

BreakDown Mobile app is only available in India and it is the FREE mobile app for Emergency Roadside Assistance in India.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Subscription is similar to Insurance?

emergency roadside assistance and insurance
emergency roadside assistance and insurance

The Subscription for Emergency Roadside Assistance is similar to that of the insurance? Yes, it is!
In both the cases (Emergency roadside assistance and insurance), we are trying to cover the risk, which might or not might not happen or expected.

Some dealers, provide roadside assistance in addition to the insurance package or they just include the roadside assistance to the insurance package itself. There are some limitations mentioned like only within 50 kms radius from the base centre it is covered etc.,

At any case, say if the cost of subscription is Rs.1000 per year for roadside assistance from the dealer. Is it worth it? We might or might not use the services of roadside assistance or insurance, but the whole advantage of insurance or ERA coverage is peace of mind.

Having said that, given the competition in the ERA (Emergency roadside assistance) market, there are players who charge you, some make you pay hell of a subscription fees etc., However, there are providers like BreakDown Emergency Roadside Assistance who provide FREE of charge usage of Emergency Roadside Assistance information, like Finding the nearby mechanic, police, hospital etc.,

Given the competition in any market, its great for the consumers right?:-) Enjoy long drives peacefully with our mobile app downloaded – we are available in Android (BreakDown BETA) and also iOS (BreakDown Assistance).

Image Courtesy: orix insurance dot com

Finding nearby Police Stations, Hospitals and Gas Stations (Petrol Bunks) is part of BreakDown Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile App

Find Police, Hospitals and Gas Stations using BreakDown Mobile App
Find Police, Hospitals and Gas Stations using BreakDown Mobile App

Usually, any emergency roadside assistance only provides services to find mechanic nearby and then get the help needed for emergency roadside vehicle repair or breakdown.

In other hand, BreakDown Mobile App, which is specially built for Emergency Roadside Assistance and finding the nearest help in terms of Mechanic for any vehicle breakdowns. However, we did not stop there…

We are having database and building database (in progress) for the spare parts, batteries and oil for the vehicles.

Well, well, well, we did not even stop there. We have currently features to show the nearest Police Stations, nearest Hospitals and nearest Gas stations. This is a challenge that today’s breakdown assistance mobile app, do not have this feature, while this article is written!!!

It is better to be prepared and get the app downloaded and keep it in your mobile, when you are on a Wi-Fi and be prepared for the worst (and get going without wasting any time).

BreakDown Mobile App is available in Android as “BreakDown BETA” and in iOS as “BreakDown Assistance”.

If you have any issues downloading, please email to

Unique Features of BreakDown Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile App India

breakdown mobile app
breakdown mobile app

There are various unique features of BreakDown mobile app – an emergency roadside assistance. In this category of the article, we explain about these special features and explain the benefits of using BreakDown App. Breakdown is one of the early to get in with the GPS enabled Mobile App in the auto service and roadside assistance.

  • Customer can see
    – where the Vendors and also their shops are in the Map and look up into details to Contact via SMS or Call.
    – who are the mechanics/auto personnel nearby with their GPS on and contact them appropriately using the app itself.

Download the app and Enjoy the unique features of BreakDown mobile and use it when you are in real need (god forbid, it should not happen, but in worst cases).

BreakDown app is available in both Android (as BreakDown BETA) and iOS (BreakDown Assistance).


AAA USA is an inspiration and king in emergency roadside assistance

AAA - emergency roadside assistance
AAA – emergency roadside assistance

When I used to live in US, I had the membership with AAA and I believe, they are the king in emergency roadside assistance. AAA charges yearly membership of around $100 and that is definitely worth it for the peace of mind, it provides.

When someone new to US asks, is it better to go with the roadside assistance service with the dealer itself or just go with AAA. The answer is it is always better to go with the expert. Insurance is something handled by insurance companies. Cars are sold by Car dealers. Why not just stick to the expert in the field of emergency roadside assistance.

I have had couple of problems once in a while in a year and I call AAA and I get the service from the nearest mechanic. Time-to-time information also is provided of the mechanic’s nearness etc., Estimate of the arrival is given and they stick to it.

In other hand, they provide offline services also, and guide on tours and travels on long travels etc., Well, that is from my limited knowledge.

BreakDown Mobile App in India is one of inspiration outputs from AAA US.

If you have any problems downloading the mobile app from Android (PlayStore) or iPhone (iTunes), please let us know. Or if you are not able to find the mechanics in your area, please let us know.