Some simple tips for Safety in Indian Highway

indian highway NH
indian highway NH

There are many safe tips in the highways, but just to add some simple but very useful tips – I have pulled in tips for BreakDown App Audience – from team-bhp mayankjha1806

  • Carry decent amount of cash (approximately enough for 2 tank fulls) + a bit more for food, beverages etc. Please remember many petrol pumps on highway do not accept Cards and even if they do sometimes the card swapping unit does not work because of dust, or is nonoperational as telephone lines are dead, or no electricity.
  • Do check your driving license and other documents before start of the journey. Its easy to get into trouble and the first thing that you are asked (When driving out of state car) is driving license. Also god forbid if you land in an accident, the problem only gets compounded. I have personally learned it the hard way.

Hope it is helpful!!

BreakDown – Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile App.

Image Courtesy: Indian Transport Portal
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Aggregating Mechanics all across India at a touch of a button

Mechanics are skilled and labour intensive workers for fixing our vehicles. Mechanics can be classified at various levels based on their economic condition. There are mechanics at almost every street on the road for any puncture or any fixings for sudden problems.

Though mechanics are there everywhere, it is not easy to find a mechanic inside a city when there is a need. We have to go to a nearby shop and ask “where can I find a nearby mechanic” and he/she tells you “if you walk up straight, take a right and then left and then right and there is a long street and in that street, go to the end to find a mechanic”. This is lot of effort to reach a mechanic right? This nearby shopkeeper might or might not have the phone number of the mechanic.

We have a mobile application called BreakDown Mobile app, which is available in Android (BreakDown BETA) and iOS (BreakDown Assistance). This mobile app has lot of data of mechanics and their phone numbers, in order to reach out to the mechanic when there is a trouble in the vehicle.

Help indeed, when there is a need!! Yes, BreakDown app is FREE for download and also FREE to use.

If any questions, please email – or call +91-9629815554.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Competition helps consumers get immediate help!

vehicle breakdown
vehicle breakdown

Today, across the world, with the evolution of startups in all the areas, there is stiff competition from the new generation startups with mobile apps and other offline services in all the areas of business.

Today, still there is no complete master in the market of Emergency Roadside Assistance. About the emergency roadside assistance apps and startups which are getting into the market, are starting to help the consumers with the immediate help they need nowadays.

The startups are trying to reduce the waiting time of the victim on the road with the vehicle breakdown, by using the technology. What are the major companies in emergency roadside offline going to do, in this case?

Overall, when there is competition in providing service in Emergency Roadside Assistance and car repair during vehicle breakdown, there is a possibility of Good Service to the customers and that is the key to any market.

Until there is a best service to the customers, this market of vehicle breakdown or repair service will keep on evolving.

image courtesy: alwaystowinghayward dot com.

Honk in USA – on demand mobile app for roadside assistance – tow, tyre change, jump start, fuel and lock out services

honk - mobile app
honk – mobile app

HONK is the on-demand mobile app for tow, tire change, jump start, fuel and lock out services from more than 20,000 tow trucks nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HONK’s faster ETAs and “Guaranteed Never to Exceed” prices, which start at just $49 without membership fees or limitations, offer motorists an alternative to outdated membership-based motor clubs. The HONK app is free to use and available on iOS, Android, or the web. HONK was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

honk for help dot com is the website you might want to check out more.

please note – honk app is not related to breakdown app, but this information is shared for audience’s interest and for the knowledge about other providers like us, in other geographical locations like USA.

BreakDown Mobile app is only available in India and it is the FREE mobile app for Emergency Roadside Assistance in India.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Subscription is similar to Insurance?

emergency roadside assistance and insurance
emergency roadside assistance and insurance

The Subscription for Emergency Roadside Assistance is similar to that of the insurance? Yes, it is!
In both the cases (Emergency roadside assistance and insurance), we are trying to cover the risk, which might or not might not happen or expected.

Some dealers, provide roadside assistance in addition to the insurance package or they just include the roadside assistance to the insurance package itself. There are some limitations mentioned like only within 50 kms radius from the base centre it is covered etc.,

At any case, say if the cost of subscription is Rs.1000 per year for roadside assistance from the dealer. Is it worth it? We might or might not use the services of roadside assistance or insurance, but the whole advantage of insurance or ERA coverage is peace of mind.

Having said that, given the competition in the ERA (Emergency roadside assistance) market, there are players who charge you, some make you pay hell of a subscription fees etc., However, there are providers like BreakDown Emergency Roadside Assistance who provide FREE of charge usage of Emergency Roadside Assistance information, like Finding the nearby mechanic, police, hospital etc.,

Given the competition in any market, its great for the consumers right?:-) Enjoy long drives peacefully with our mobile app downloaded – we are available in Android (BreakDown BETA) and also iOS (BreakDown Assistance).

Image Courtesy: orix insurance dot com

YourMechanic – a well funded company on car service repair and roadside breakdown vehicle assistance in United States


YourMechanic is a privately held company based in Mountain View, California. The company offers an online marketplace where mechanics can do business with car owners who are in need of car repair and maintenance services. The company currently operates in 21 metro areas in the United States.

In 2011, Art Agrawal (CEO) and Dongyi Liao (CTO) founded YourMechanic.

In September 2012, the company raised $1.8 million in seed funding from venture firms and investors including Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Crunch Fund, Promus Ventures, Greylock Partners, DFJ, Lerer Ventures, PG Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Jawed Karim, Dave Gilboa, Justin Waldron, Joshua Schachter, Hector Hulian, Paige Craig, Mark Friedgan, Alex Goldstein, Sam Angus, Kevin Freedman, Jeremy Wenokur and Rob Wang.

In September 2012, the company won the TechCrunch Battlefield Disrupt San Francisco competition against other finalists Saya, Lit Motors, Prior Knowledge, Zumper, Gyft and Expert Labs.

logo: yourmechanic
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