Some simple tips for Safety in Indian Highway

indian highway NH
indian highway NH

There are many safe tips in the highways, but just to add some simple but very useful tips – I have pulled in tips for BreakDown App Audience – from team-bhp mayankjha1806

  • Carry decent amount of cash (approximately enough for 2 tank fulls) + a bit more for food, beverages etc. Please remember many petrol pumps on highway do not accept Cards and even if they do sometimes the card swapping unit does not work because of dust, or is nonoperational as telephone lines are dead, or no electricity.
  • Do check your driving license and other documents before start of the journey. Its easy to get into trouble and the first thing that you are asked (When driving out of state car) is driving license. Also god forbid if you land in an accident, the problem only gets compounded. I have personally learned it the hard way.

Hope it is helpful!!

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Image Courtesy: Indian Transport Portal
Content Courtesy: team-bhp