Major Emergency Roadside Assistance Players should catch up Mobile App Technology before other startups

breakdown mobile app
breakdown mobile app

In “Emergency RSA” market in India as on date, there are startups coming up with apps past 1 to 2 years (breakdown mobile app, crossroads helpline, helponwheels, strandd, mericar etc.,) for Emergency Roadside assistance, but they don’t have the massive India wide network like major players like myTVS, CARNATION, ALLIANZ, INDIA ASSISTANCE, AXA ASSISTANCE, MAPFRE and other few.

Adopting this mobile app will be a good value addition for the major players and an additional strength for it’s business. That is a combination of the strength of the major player’s network/business and also the advantage of latest technology/startup. Sooner, the majors adopt the mobile app, it would be better and not to have the possibility of any startup overtake the majors.

Shortcut would be is to just acquire one of the mobile app company or just the technology and grow the emergency roadside business.


Key Features of BreakDown Mobile App – For Emergency Roadside Assistance in India


(a) Reaching out to help is easy.

(b) Enrolling is easy for vendors using this app, using check-in feature (Just by pressing check-in button at the location of vendor, it is easy to add vendor by locating the GPS location of the vendor). Just that the executives enrolling/confirming the vendor should validate and make sure the small/medium vendor is good.

(c) Additionally, this app will have details about police, ambulance, hospital etc.,

(d) This app could classify the vendor in the map – like Tyre vendor, Battery supplier, Car Towing, Spare parts supplier etc.,

(e) SOS functionality to send SMS to all mechanics near by.

(f) Bulk upload of vendor data from MS excel spreadsheet itself.

(g) Locate the moving mechanic also (in addition to mechanic shop) like the way you see the taxi today with OLA, if they have smart phone). The moving mechanic or the vendor location can be easily seen in the map in the app and it is easy to locate.

No one tells you what happens when you are stuck on road with a mechanical problem – emergency roadside assistance


It is pitch dark, no one on the road, your car got stuck with a mechanical problem or the tyre burst and you are all alone in the no-man’s-land in a strange highway in India! What do you think?! Did that sound scary? What would you do?

Let us have the best case that you will be able to find a nearest mechanic using BreakDown Mobile app, an emergency roadside assistance mobile app for finding the nearest mechanic, police, ambulance or hospital. Given that you have reached out for help and the help is on the way, there will be an idle waiting time for about 15 to 30 to 45 to 1 hour, in different cases. Agreed?

What would you do for that time? How do you stay during this time period? If it is in highway, park your car away into the shoulder of the highway or completely away from the road, to avoid any vehicles ramming into you. If you have the emergency lamp ON in your car, that will help avoid any vehicle hitting you. Do not stand in the middle of the highway. Stand completely away. It is very risky for the ongoing vehicle and also for you. If there is a reflector glowing light or the STOP/reflector stand, please it on the road to convey that you are a standing vehicle.

Considering the accidents and mechanical failures, any local naughty kids or youngsters try to loot in some cases (though there are helping minds). These felony criminals might attack you or steal away your jewellery/money/valuables or any such actions on you. So, it is better to stay safe and better to stay inside the car, until you get a reliable help.

Hope this helps!!

Mechanical Assistance for Bicyclists in Chennai – Bicycle Mechanic on the road – Emergency Assistance for Bicycles and Bikes – Data Collection in Progress


breakdown mobile app
breakdown mobile app

We already have the mechanics and emergency roadside assistance data in place for 4-Wheelers and other automotive vehicles all across India.

We also serve mechanics data for 2-wheelers also, especially for Tamil Nadu and other parts of India.

In addition to this, we are very glad to introduce mechanics for bicycles. This is in Data Collection in progress and we are currently aiming ONLY for Chennai. As a cyclist myself, I believe there is a need for mechanical assistance sometimes for cyclists. All or Most of the times, cyclists would catch an auto and reach out to the mechanics when there is a need for cycles.

BreakDown – Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile App is opening doors for Cyclists Mechanical Assistance also like punctures, brakes or chain problems or any bicycle mechanical assistance. Once we are loaded the data for CHENNAI, we shall keep you posted!! Keep the fingers crossed!! 🙂

As always, BD Mobile App is available in Android and iOS and we are there to care for you on the road!!

Investment and Partnership with BreakDown Mobile Application


Dear Visitor,

Thanks for looking up in our website!

If you are a dealer, service provider, showroom, mechanic, private health care provider and interested in partnership, please call us.

If you are an investor or an equivalent business to take over BreakDown app, you may contact us as well. You are welcome for investment and/or we are open for acquisition. That is an open statement 🙂

Know your National Highways and get help in India quickly


If you need help in national highways, you can call the SoS number which is in the Helpline image above – (0)9629815554.

If you are in any of our national highways – toll based ones (East to West Corridor, North to South Corridor and Golden Quadrilateral Highways), with our connections, we can provide (most of the times FREE and at no cost by the official) service directly to get you started for any basic needs in the highways.

You will have to provide the landmark nearby and also you can walk up safely and find out any number mentioned in the milestones, which will help us find your location.

In many cases, you will have a call phone to call to get help every 2 kms. This is a big fact!! Be aware of this and be safe in your highways!! Explaining for the favor of all the BreakDown Mobile App users and also in the favour of safety of all the highways users.

image source: wikipedia