Major Emergency Roadside Assistance Players should catch up Mobile App Technology before other startups

breakdown mobile app
breakdown mobile app

In “Emergency RSA” market in India as on date, there are startups coming up with apps past 1 to 2 years (breakdown mobile app, crossroads helpline, helponwheels, strandd, mericar etc.,) for Emergency Roadside assistance, but they don’t have the massive India wide network like major players like myTVS, CARNATION, ALLIANZ, INDIA ASSISTANCE, AXA ASSISTANCE, MAPFRE and other few.

Adopting this mobile app will be a good value addition for the major players and an additional strength for it’s business. That is a combination of the strength of the major player’s network/business and also the advantage of latest technology/startup. Sooner, the majors adopt the mobile app, it would be better and not to have the possibility of any startup overtake the majors.

Shortcut would be is to just acquire one of the mobile app company or just the technology and grow the emergency roadside business.


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