Key Features of BreakDown Mobile App – For Emergency Roadside Assistance in India


(a) Reaching out to help is easy.

(b) Enrolling is easy for vendors using this app, using check-in feature (Just by pressing check-in button at the location of vendor, it is easy to add vendor by locating the GPS location of the vendor). Just that the executives enrolling/confirming the vendor should validate and make sure the small/medium vendor is good.

(c) Additionally, this app will have details about police, ambulance, hospital etc.,

(d) This app could classify the vendor in the map – like Tyre vendor, Battery supplier, Car Towing, Spare parts supplier etc.,

(e) SOS functionality to send SMS to all mechanics near by.

(f) Bulk upload of vendor data from MS excel spreadsheet itself.

(g) Locate the moving mechanic also (in addition to mechanic shop) like the way you see the taxi today with OLA, if they have smart phone). The moving mechanic or the vendor location can be easily seen in the map in the app and it is easy to locate.


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