No one tells you what happens when you are stuck on road with a mechanical problem – emergency roadside assistance


It is pitch dark, no one on the road, your car got stuck with a mechanical problem or the tyre burst and you are all alone in the no-man’s-land in a strange highway in India! What do you think?! Did that sound scary? What would you do?

Let us have the best case that you will be able to find a nearest mechanic using BreakDown Mobile app, an emergency roadside assistance mobile app for finding the nearest mechanic, police, ambulance or hospital. Given that you have reached out for help and the help is on the way, there will be an idle waiting time for about 15 to 30 to 45 to 1 hour, in different cases. Agreed?

What would you do for that time? How do you stay during this time period? If it is in highway, park your car away into the shoulder of the highway or completely away from the road, to avoid any vehicles ramming into you. If you have the emergency lamp ON in your car, that will help avoid any vehicle hitting you. Do not stand in the middle of the highway. Stand completely away. It is very risky for the ongoing vehicle and also for you. If there is a reflector glowing light or the STOP/reflector stand, please it on the road to convey that you are a standing vehicle.

Considering the accidents and mechanical failures, any local naughty kids or youngsters try to loot in some cases (though there are helping minds). These felony criminals might attack you or steal away your jewellery/money/valuables or any such actions on you. So, it is better to stay safe and better to stay inside the car, until you get a reliable help.

Hope this helps!!


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