Mechanical Assistance for Bicyclists in Chennai – Bicycle Mechanic on the road – Emergency Assistance for Bicycles and Bikes – Data Collection in Progress


breakdown mobile app
breakdown mobile app

We already have the mechanics and emergency roadside assistance data in place for 4-Wheelers and other automotive vehicles all across India.

We also serve mechanics data for 2-wheelers also, especially for Tamil Nadu and other parts of India.

In addition to this, we are very glad to introduce mechanics for bicycles. This is in Data Collection in progress and we are currently aiming ONLY for Chennai. As a cyclist myself, I believe there is a need for mechanical assistance sometimes for cyclists. All or Most of the times, cyclists would catch an auto and reach out to the mechanics when there is a need for cycles.

BreakDown – Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile App is opening doors for Cyclists Mechanical Assistance also like punctures, brakes or chain problems or any bicycle mechanical assistance. Once we are loaded the data for CHENNAI, we shall keep you posted!! Keep the fingers crossed!! 🙂

As always, BD Mobile App is available in Android and iOS and we are there to care for you on the road!!


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