Know your National Highways and get help in India quickly


If you need help in national highways, you can call the SoS number which is in the Helpline image above – (0)9629815554.

If you are in any of our national highways – toll based ones (East to West Corridor, North to South Corridor and Golden Quadrilateral Highways), with our connections, we can provide (most of the times FREE and at no cost by the official) service directly to get you started for any basic needs in the highways.

You will have to provide the landmark nearby and also you can walk up safely and find out any number mentioned in the milestones, which will help us find your location.

In many cases, you will have a call phone to call to get help every 2 kms. This is a big fact!! Be aware of this and be safe in your highways!! Explaining for the favor of all the BreakDown Mobile App users and also in the favour of safety of all the highways users.

image source: wikipedia


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