Planning to travel by car for long distance by road in India, let us know – we will send you a report of mechanics and emergency data on your way as a cheat sheet


Last week, my friend and his family (his wife and little toddler son) traveled from Pune (Maharashtra) to Bhuj (Gujarat) on road. He and his family were posting their travel updates by car all along from start to finish with photographs in Facebook. It was thrilling and exciting to see their travel.

Next week, my brother and his family are travelling to Kulu and Manali (Himachal Pradesh, India) for bunch of days. Even though they are travelling by flight to reach Delhi, they are travelling to and fro Manali on road from Delhi. Must be a long drive for them after a long flight.

Having talked about two incidents, here is the open offer for all the (Absolutely FREE to use) BreakDown Mobile App New Users and Existing Users or even if you are not a current user/customer, you can let us know  your travel a day ahead and we can give you all the necessary emergency details in a cheat sheet format with all the on the way details – Mechanics on the way, whom (Phone Numbers) you can contact in case of emergency – Police, Ambulance, Hospital, Gas Stations etc.,

BreakDown Mobile App is limited to only India and any highway in India, you can let us know by email – or call our SoS number, if you are in an emergency.

You may download the BreakDown app (Both iOS and Android) following the page below –

Note: Today, this feature is manually done, but development team is working on making this feature automated. For now, please use this facility for FREE manually. Thanks!


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