New Year Resolution with Safety and Health

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Every year, as soon as New Year comes up, there is the first question! What is your New Year Resolution? Some might say – new savings, love for all, get married, buy an house, stop smoking, stop drinking etc.,  depending upon the person.

With the list you might have, we suggest to add two items in the end of the list – One about Staying Healthy and second about Safety.

Staying Health is about personal discipline, exercise/work-out, eating healthy (diet), quit any bad habits etc.,

In other hand, Safety is about avoiding night time drive, do not walk alone in very late nights (applies in many cases), go normal speed in cars, focus in the driving while driving(less distractions), have tools and first aid in the car handy, be prepared for any worst case etc., comes in the line and you can keep on talking about Safety and precautionary measures in length. In addition, download BreakDown mobile application for your emergency roadside assistance and keep it handy in phone and you can use, if the need arises. We hope and wish the necessity for BreakDown app does not happen for you, but it is better to have it downloaded in your mobile!!!

Overall – Stay Safe and Be Healthy!!!

Happy New Year 2016!!!!


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