Aggregating Mechanics all across India at a touch of a button

Mechanics are skilled and labour intensive workers for fixing our vehicles. Mechanics can be classified at various levels based on their economic condition. There are mechanics at almost every street on the road for any puncture or any fixings for sudden problems.

Though mechanics are there everywhere, it is not easy to find a mechanic inside a city when there is a need. We have to go to a nearby shop and ask “where can I find a nearby mechanic” and he/she tells you “if you walk up straight, take a right and then left and then right and there is a long street and in that street, go to the end to find a mechanic”. This is lot of effort to reach a mechanic right? This nearby shopkeeper might or might not have the phone number of the mechanic.

We have a mobile application called BreakDown Mobile app, which is available in Android (BreakDown BETA) and iOS (BreakDown Assistance). This mobile app has lot of data of mechanics and their phone numbers, in order to reach out to the mechanic when there is a trouble in the vehicle.

Help indeed, when there is a need!! Yes, BreakDown app is FREE for download and also FREE to use.

If any questions, please email – or call +91-9629815554.

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