Emergency Roadside Assistance Subscription is similar to Insurance?

emergency roadside assistance and insurance
emergency roadside assistance and insurance

The Subscription for Emergency Roadside Assistance is similar to that of the insurance? Yes, it is!
In both the cases (Emergency roadside assistance and insurance), we are trying to cover the risk, which might or not might not happen or expected.

Some dealers, provide roadside assistance in addition to the insurance package or they just include the roadside assistance to the insurance package itself. There are some limitations mentioned like only within 50 kms radius from the base centre it is covered etc.,

At any case, say if the cost of subscription is Rs.1000 per year for roadside assistance from the dealer. Is it worth it? We might or might not use the services of roadside assistance or insurance, but the whole advantage of insurance or ERA coverage is peace of mind.

Having said that, given the competition in the ERA (Emergency roadside assistance) market, there are players who charge you, some make you pay hell of a subscription fees etc., However, there are providers like BreakDown Emergency Roadside Assistance who provide FREE of charge usage of Emergency Roadside Assistance information, like Finding the nearby mechanic, police, hospital etc.,

Given the competition in any market, its great for the consumers right?:-) Enjoy long drives peacefully with our mobile app downloaded – we are available in Android (BreakDown BETA) and also iOS (BreakDown Assistance).

Image Courtesy: orix insurance dot com


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