AAA USA is an inspiration and king in emergency roadside assistance

AAA - emergency roadside assistance
AAA – emergency roadside assistance

When I used to live in US, I had the membership with AAA and I believe, they are the king in emergency roadside assistance. AAA charges yearly membership of around $100 and that is definitely worth it for the peace of mind, it provides.

When someone new to US asks, is it better to go with the roadside assistance service with the dealer itself or just go with AAA. The answer is it is always better to go with the expert. Insurance is something handled by insurance companies. Cars are sold by Car dealers. Why not just stick to the expert in the field of emergency roadside assistance.

I have had couple of problems once in a while in a year and I call AAA and I get the service from the nearest mechanic. Time-to-time information also is provided of the mechanic’s nearness etc., Estimate of the arrival is given and they stick to it.

In other hand, they provide offline services also, and guide on tours and travels on long travels etc., Well, that is from my limited knowledge.

BreakDown Mobile App in India is one of inspiration outputs from AAA US.

If you have any problems downloading the mobile app from Android (PlayStore) or iPhone (iTunes), please let us know. Or if you are not able to find the mechanics in your area, please let us know.


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