How to handle a car tyre puncture in no-man’s land highways?


When you are stuck on the road in India, first thing you can do is open your mobile and open the app BreakDown mobile app. If there is no proper internet connection (3G/4G data connection to your mobile), you could call the service and get help.

God forbid, even your mobile internet connection or mobile call network is not working and if you are stuck in a place, where nobody is there to help in the highways in India. This is a worst case plan and may be you might help someone or it might be useful when there is a need really. Here is a quick solution for your car tyre puncture –

I recently watched this when a mechanic did this to a car who was accessed via BreakDown Mobile App – Emergency Roadside Assistance. It is in fact, very easy to fix a car tyre puncture, after seeing it live.

What do you need to do this?
1) Car Jack – we have discussed about this in one of our previous article.
2) The materials shown in the photo above in this article.
3) a Rupee 1 shampoo sachette.
4) a bucket of water.
5) A small hand pump for air

What to do to fix the car tyre puncture?
1) First of all, fit a car jack and raise the level of the car, so that you can access the tyre and rotate it freely.
2) Fill in some air into the tyre, using hand pump.
3) Pour water slowly around the tyre and apply shampoo throughout the affected tyre and rotate.
4) You can see bubbles in the place where the puncture has happened. All the above steps are to find out where the puncture is.
5) Apply the (Red_Yellow) cream to the strip. Take the red strip using the pointed tool and push it into the punctured hole and block the hole. Take the pointed tool and have the strip block the hole.
6) Again repeat the steps 1 through 4 and make sure you don’t see the bubbles.
7) Note, you don’t need to remove/change the tyre itself. (Unless you want to change the tyre with the spare tyre). This is an alternate solution, if you know how to change tyres.
8) Once you make sure puncture is fixed, remove the car jack, fill in more air and you are good to go to drive and reach a nearest safe place to get it fixed by a professional.

Hope this was helpful.
If any comments, please email to or your comments here itself.


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