Automation, Availability, Affordability, Accessibility of the data – Mechanics nearby – BreakDown Mobile App – Emergency Roadside Assistance

BreakDown Mobile App - AAAA
Vehicle Breakdown – accidents – 4As – AAAA

When we first thought out, planned out, rolled out BreakDown Mobile App, we had 4 A’s in mind.

Like AAA in USA, BreakDown Mobile App (Emergency Roadside Assistance Mobile App in India) is 4As!!! 🙂

4As – Automate, Availability, Affordability, Accessibility of the “Find Nearby Mechanics data”, in order to solve the Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Automate: We would like to automate the generation of data entry into the mobile app/system. In other words, anybody who knows or aware of the data should be able to enter the data into the mobile app. That is something like wikipedia. Anybody can consume data/information and also contribute data/information. In this way, there is automation of data generation and loading.

Availability: BreakDown Mobile App is available in both PlayStore and iTunes. All the user has to do is – Download and keep it available in the mobile, so that it is handy when it is needed.

Accessibility: BreakDown Mobile App is like an emergency roadside assistance button in the mobile, so that it comes very helpful when there is a real need for it – either emergency accident or vehicle breakdown on the road.

Affordability: BreakDown Mobile App is FREE and will remain the same way for consumers!! Enjoy the affordability of the mobile app for the consumer!!!

BreakDown mobile app is available in Android as “Breakdown BETA” and in iOS as “Breakdown Assistance”.

image courtesy: 4rvfk dot com


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