Unique Feature in BreakDown Mobile App for Finding Nearby Mechanic – Emergency Roadside Assistance

checkin - unique feature in BD mobile app
checkin – unique feature in BD mobile app

There are various features, which are very unique to BreakDown Mobile App and here is one of them.
Let us talk about it quickly –

If you are a vendor (who provides mechanic services) or anybody for that sake (you are a kind of person who would contribute content to wikipedia in general?!:-)), what you can do is it is very easy to enter the location and detail of the vendor or the mechanic into the BreakDown Mobile App. Technically sound!!??

Yes, We are proud to have this feature and this is one of the base of our app, when we started. All the user of the app has to do is – click on Check-in and the app would take the current location of the user as the location of the mechanic shop or the garage. Given that situation, the app user can drag and drop to the correct location, if the location chosen by the app is not extremely accurate. So, there is automatic location selection by the app and also flexibility of the user to manually move the location as well.

In this way, the data collection is very easy. The data collection of the mechanics across the country is easily collected and also anyone can enter the location of the mechanic easily into the app. Even our official data collectors, do the same, when they are on the spot of the mechanic.

Wishing you good luck using the app.
BreakDown mobile app is available both in Android (BreakDown BETA) and iOS (BreakDown Assistance).

If any questions, please email contact@breakdownapp.in or call +91-9629815554.


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