Remember to check car jack in car, before a long drive in India



Before you start your car for a long drive, don’t forget to check if the car has couple of important things –
(i) Car jack and (ii) the spare tyre with air in it.

Any car tyre problems can be handled, if the car jack is present in the car.
In fact, it is better not to remove the car jack out of the car, unless needed. Even if you used it or helped someone else, make sure you put it back into the back of the car.

Another thing is Spare tyre to be checked, every time you fill in air for other running tyres.

Any mechanic who attends any car breakdowns, they would usually bring the car jack, but just in case, if the mechanic does not have the car jack, it is better to keep such tools in the car itself. These small stuff can get you going at least to a safe place, instead of getting stuck on the road.


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