Psychology and Culture in India to use Emergency Roadside Assistance for the cars

Maps from breakdown mobile app
car dealers emergency service centre in Maps

Back then 10-20 years ago, in India, when Online Maps was not a known concept to many, people used people for directions. To put it in simple words, when we are going in a long trip from city to city in India, we would just stop in a tea shop or a petrol station to ask for directions. Absolutely, anybody would help in India and act as “Google Maps” those days.

Today, situation has changed, where it is all highways and there is no man on the road at a stretch, to help. Moreover, there is reducing trust on the roads to ask any randomn person for help. Hence, there is a trend to rely on the machines and devices and services like BreakDown Mobile App (Available in Android and iOS), Emergency Roadside Assistance.

If you need help in an area you may call our phone number also.

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BreakDown Mobile App Android Download Link

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