Current situation of Emergency roadside assistance in India

find a mechanic in the vehicle breakdown situation in India
find a mechanic in the vehicle breakdown situation in India

In terms of roadside assistance, there is a lot of awareness in foreign countries, but there is not much awareness in our country India. In fact, there was a less a need as such.

However, now there are highways across the country north to south, west to east as national highways and there are state highways and local roads, which might or might not be closely accessible to mechanics in India. Also, there is increase in number of Car ownership and number of taxis in the country, which has increased the number of cars and car ownership in the country and also increase in highways. This situation absolutely makes the need of Emergency roadside assistance in India.

Back in 2000 to 2010, many talked about emergency roadside assistance, when we were aware of AAA in US and many other similar services in other european countries, but no one stepped up do a similar service during that time.

Around 2010, there started a service called MeriCAR (funded now), which started their service and spanned across the country and they work on club membership model and we can get the service accordingly.

Lately, there are specific local services per city – like CrossRoads IA, RESCUE Vehicle Services Private Ltd, Rescue First dot in, India roadside assistance, Allianz Global Assistance, HelpOnWheels dot in etc.,

We cannot ignore CARNATION, MyTVS and similar others in this article. Since they have already great network across India, they are doing great service in the country. In addition, car dealers themselves provide the roadside assistance as value added service as part of their Insurance package – many go with that itself and get satiated and never think about additional ERSA service in India. In addition, there is MAPFRE ASSISTANCE (india assistance/europ assistance).

In past 2 years, there had been n number of mobile apps, which has come up with the same concept, but using the spatial concept showing the map and locating the mechanic etc., which is good improvement as well to the industry/market.

There is more improved services expected in this space, in order to completely rule the market. This market space is not completely capitalized by anybody yet, but it is all spread across sporadic. Probably, once there is more awareness that it is absolutely needed for any car owner, there will be huge drive to purchase the membership.

Having said all of that, BreakDown is a FREE mobile app across the country to download in (BreakDown Assistance) iOS and Android (Breakdown BETA). (with help across the country). If you could not find any help anywhere in the country, when you needed, please let us know the area!!


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