Breakdown app – A Savior on the road during the vehicle breakdown in highway.

What to do when there is a breakdown in a highway at night?


While going for a long drive with family, we will make sure that the vehicle is in good condition and all the mandatory things are packed well before.

What if there is an unexpected breakdown happens?How to handle this situation?

Well…Below are the things that we need to do when there is a breakdown in a highway.

Stay Calm.
Do not try to flag down other vehicles, i.e., don’t solicit the help of passing motorists.
Don’t stand behind or next to the vehicle.
Turn on all the emergency lights.
And most important is to have a professional service immediately.
It is highly recommened not to accept UNOFFICIAL assistance in the wake of a breakdown.

So what else can be done?

Here comes our BreakDown Assistance Application…
Just login and check for the mechanics/service centres near-by and contact them.
We assure you the professional assitance will be available at your place in maximum of 14-29 mins.

We are there to make your journey hassle free by proving the RoadSide Assitance..!
Have a safe and cool drive.. 🙂
If you do not have our app, please download – Take a look at “BreakDown BETA”

If you need help in an area you may call our phone number also.

Landing Page:


FB Page:

Android Download Link:

iOS Download Link:


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