Real possible use cases of breakdown – a use case for BreakDown mobile app



This is something I came to know from my friend’s friend. This is a great move by a sincere and kind hearted policeman in the night highway. Hats off to the police crew.

In other hand, this is a biggest use case for BreakDown mobile app. It is good that he was in safe hands.
If my friend would not have got any help, it would have been really tough to get out of this situation.

It would have been better if my friend’s friend had BreakDown mobile app and that would have fetched access to the correct mechanic as soon as possible. God willing, my friend was lucky.

If you want to get out of situation in future, it is better you have the mobile app handy.

You may download BreakDown mobile app for your android phone or iPhone from the playstore or iTunes app store respectively.

Contact if any questions –


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