SOS feature in BreakDown app – Emergency roadside assistance in India





When you are using BreakDown mobile app, there is an important feature in which you can just click on the SOS button. What happens when we click on SOS button?

An SMS is sent to all the nearby mechanics. At this point it is not that all the mechanics see their SMS, but definitely helps because there is a significant 50-70% who check their SMS.

This helps in reaching out for quick help as soon as possible when in trouble in road.

One minor caution is that – App users have to be careful using this feature because you should be subscribed to SMS pack with your telecom provider.

Once we have funding, we will be putting together call centres across the country, which could even handle any incoming calls.

Having said that even today we have call feature to help (in a small scale). Helpline number is +91-9629815554.


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