I have Dealer/Manufacturer’s roadside assistance, why BreakDown app then?

You might ask, Dealer or Manufacturer provides the emergency roadside assistance and that too free of cost. I have Manufacturer’s roadside assistance package with me, when I took insurance for my motor vehicle. Then, why do I need BreakDown Mobile app for Roadside assistance?

Yes, there are reasons to it.

Having the dealer’s roadside assistance is well and good. It is about being prepared for the worst. BreakDown mobile app provides all the information for you to tackle any given situation of emergency roadside issue like mechanics (all levels), hospital, police etc.,

Dealer’s package provides the service, only around 50 kms radius and BreakDown mobile app will not have any geographical restrictions. We cannot say we will have mechanical trouble only here or there. Anywhere it can happen!

Our database will include even your dealer’s phone number as well. You don’t have to scramble for the dealer’s number as well.

Let us make better use of the mobile app!!

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/bdappindia

Android Download Link:

iOS Download Link:
Just couple of days to go…Watch our FB page, you will be updated.

Landing Page: http://breakdownapp.launchrock.com

Blog: https://breakdownapp.wordpress.com


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