How tactical an emergency roadside assistance is handled?


When I was talking to a auto garage owner, he mentioned that he gets call to his number for any emergency roadside assistance around his area.

First thing he asks and gets to know the vehicle problem overall and conveys that do no panic and mechanic help is on the way. Most of the times, he goes and attends these kind of cases, based on his availability.

When he goes, apart from his tools, he takes certain things, which is not told to him, but based on his experience.

He takes – a foot long scale, couple of biscuit packets, water bottles and first aid kit.

Before he starts and when is on the way, he gets in touch with the customer to make sure everything is alright and also letting them know that he is on the way to help the mechanical problem.

This is a best case scenario, but it depends on the mechanic, how seriously they take the calls from the customer who are on the road in mechanical trouble.

Worst case scenarios are mechanics never reach on time. Even bad, they fix it, but charge the customers more. In other hand, customers behave bad by not paying a reasonable amount to the mechanic and they try to negotiate for the service, which mechanic has provided.

All kinds of situations happen, ups and downs happen. All said and done, help is help, when there is a need!
BreakDown app provides the mechanics around you and you can choose and call whom you want. It will come in handy, when you are in real need of mechanical trouble of your vehicle in known and any unknown place.

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