Deep inside BreakDown Mobile Application – Features


When we hear BreakDown Mobile Application and that too emergency roadside assistance, we limit ourselves with the thinking that this mobile app is finding the mechanics around you.

But, that is not the case with us. We provide features to find ambulance, police, hospital nearby, in addition to the mechanics for your technical/mechanical problems of your vehicle.

If you are facing any crime, you can tackle the same with the police station nearby and their number, without even leaving your car and family on the road. Just a call to the police station nearby. Given an example that you are in middle of an highway – Bangalore to Chennai. Where would you find a police number nearby on the road, when you are in trouble and you don’t to leave your car and family in the night.

If you are facing any medical problems on the road, you get the access of the hospital nearby.

Isn’t that helpful?

Let us make use of the BreakDown mobile app, which is more than just mechanics, but also the hospital, police etc., nearby. This is absolute roadside assistance!!


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