Happy Labour day wishes to Drivers and Mechanics


International Labour day wishes to everyone who is working very hard out there for your employer and/or for your family.

Hope BreakDown mobile app will do a break through in the lives of at least a segment of the labour (that is the mechanics). That is what is the ultimate vision of this app and this business as well.

As you know the app is completely free at this point and there is no plan of charging the mechanics but our aim is to improve the lives of mechanics by giving more business to the mechanics and at the same time improve the safety of the common man on the road when in trouble in the highways with the vehicle or any emergency help.

We understand May 1st is a big day for you and we believe May 1st is very important for BreakDown app team as well.

Wishes again from BreakDown app team for May 1st labour day.


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