Why BreakDown mobile app? The Story of BreakDown App – Emergency Roadside assistance India

When my wife and I were going to pick up my in-laws from airport at 8 PM Saturday by a car, we had lights flashing on the engine symbol and others in the dashboard. We stopped and called the dealer’s emergency roadside assistance. Call center executive answers to me and he was only able to provide moral support, because there was no available towing or mechanic personnel to help us at that time. This is freaking scary and what if it was a mid-night. What if I had kids in the car? Will I be able to leave my family in the highway and ask anyone for help?

Non availability of the mechanic nearby to solve the problem quickly when we were stuck on the road and we had to go urgently. That triggered me for a button in the mobile, which will provide ability to get in touch with a mechanic nearby based on my location.

With this app, anyone can get roadside assistance in a very short time than any other mechanism.

Keep the app handy in your mobile, so that you don’t have to download when you really need it.

Landing Page: http://breakdownapp.launchrock.com

Blog: https://breakdownapp.wordpress.com

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/bdappindia

Android Download Link:

iOS Download Link:
Just couple of days to go…Watch our FB page, you will be updated.


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