Aggregator of the mechanics – BreakDown mobile application


Like Ola, Uber are aggregators of cab operators, BreakDown mobile app is an aggregator of mechanics all across India. (Though we are currently focusing only in Tamil Nadu, we will be going nationwide after sometime.)

BreakDown covers lot of variety of mechanic services (in addition to Police, hospital etc).

1) 4 wheeler mechanics
2) 2 wheeler mechanics
3) Branded 4 wheeler service stations
4) Branded 2 wheeler mechanic stations
5) Branded dealers like Nissan, Honda, Skoda etc.,

Already we are measuring with lot of data in all parts of tamil nadu. We are working towards adding from big Audi or Benz workshop to the roadside mechanics unregistered also into the mobile app.

This would be a big plus for mechanics as well.

Landing Page:


FB Page:

Android Download Link:

iOS Download Link:
Just couple of days to go…Watch our FB page, you will be updated.


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