Planning to travel by car for a long distance, you can let us know


The BreakDown mobile application and the process around the software is built keeping in mind that what if my family travels and will I be able to tackle any mechanical problems in the vehicle on the road. We have and we are making efforts to make the travel smooth.

By the way, I we have a feature inclusion – If you are going to travel to some location you can let us know about it prior hand. In that way, we can make sure the mechanic in that area can be made sure they are available, by alerting the main mechanic in that area.

If there is no data in that area that gives an opportunity for us to add data to the mobile app.

If you do not have our app, please download  – Take a look at “BreakDown BETA”

If you need help in an area you may call our phone number also.

Thank you

Landing Page:


FB Page:

Android Download Link:

iOS Download Link:
Just couple of days to go…Watch our FB page, you will be updated.


3 thoughts on “Planning to travel by car for a long distance, you can let us know

    • Thanks. In fact, users can check by zooming into the map for any mechanic in that area or route before even they start the travel. The contact numbers are open for the user if they need any on the way.


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