How should an emergency roadside help or assistance be?

There are breakdowns in road or accidents in road everyday in our high ways in India. How soon we are getting help is the question?!

Does it take 24 hours to completely get out of the situation? Will 108 help as soon possible? Will the dealer’s roadside assistance help within minutes or hours?

If there was an app which will provide you with all the information you need at the emergency and that is the time when you are real need, wouldn’t that be great?!

The help has to be multiple – as far as I am concerned. When a man or life is under trouble, as a humanitarian society multiple people should attend and solve the problem.

In US, when you call 911, multiple ambulance and fire engines reach you location.

That kind of help should be there in terms of emergency roadside assistance.

Download BreakDown app and that is possible. Help us make it happen and we will help you!


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