How is BreakDown different from JustDial?

When I was talking to a workshop owner in Madurai and explaining him the advantages of BreakDown app, he asked the first question –

Today there is JustDial who have a generic number to be called by the customer. An executive attends the call and given the purpose, the call centre executive provides the nearby professional contact details.

What is different in BreakDown?
1) BreakDown uses technology and provides the details spatial and map or gps enabled information.

2) no human intervention and direct contact to the professional. Automated.

3) Justdial has limited data. BreakDown is much more than that. “Athukkum mela ” 🙂

There are three levels of data. In terms of mechanics.
(i) first level – dealers
(ii) second level – workshops
(iii) small shop and roadside mechanics.

We will provide all these data and also ambulance, police and hospital information.

JustDial will be limited to only first level mechanics and some second level mechanics.

BreakDown is a must app for everyone to keep in their mobile.


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