What is BreakDown?

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In India, there is no easy way to get roadside assistance if you are in a problem in a road. We have a mobile app which gives peace of mind while driving and get going anywhere even if there is a breakdown. AAA of India, using a Mobile App, which is GPS enabled Map/Location based.


When my wife and I were going to pick up my in-laws from airport at 8 PM Saturday by a car, we had lights flashing on the engine symbol and others in the dashboard. We stopped and called the S**** emergency roadside assistance. Call center executive answers to me and he was only able to provide moral support, because there was no available towing or mechanic personnel to help us at that time. This is freaking scary and what if it was a mid-night.

Non availability of the mechanic nearby to solve the problem quickly when we were stuck on the road and we had to go urgently. That triggered me for a button in the mobile, which will provide ability to get in touch with a mechanic nearby based on my location.

With this app, anyone can get roadside assistance in a very short time than any other mechanism.

*** Simile: Like a calling bell button to call the nurse when you are in hospital bed.
***Metaphor: It is a “Saviour on the road”.
***Analogy: Roadside assistance or “Saviour” button in your mobile, like Ola/Uber for Cabs. A life-saving button
***Example: AAA of India App.

Anyone can travel with peace of mind in India with this App. Using this, within minutes a professional can be reached and get the problem solved to get out of that place as soon as possible.


1) What is your product or service?
GPS enabled, Location based Mobile App for Roadside assistance

2) Who is your market?
Anybody driving in India 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. That is huge, given the auto market boom.

3) What is your competitive advantage?

Gets in touch with the mechanic nearby using the Map in the App. Also, GPS enabled mechanics also are visible in the map for help easily. Can track where the mechanic is whether on the way or not. This is much faster than any traditional roadside assistance provided by dealers, because the reach is much more – Also there is an SMS broadcast to all the nearby mechanics.


Ask: Having said that – If there is funding, I think it can be taken to next level. Which is what I think you can help!!:)

Colombo Close: In Conclusion, I would like to leave you with one thought – this idea is a pioneer in emergency roadside assistance, given the smartphone adoption and vehicles everyone owns, used car market rising, new highways etc., people becoming more independent like that of in US, this APP is a must!! Also, as an extension, we can extend to all blue collar labour and this will be a pioneer in that too.


Get assistance right away at this time and at this location and have number of mechanic reach my spot, if used the app correctly. I can have bunch of mechanics reach your parking lot right now using the App.


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